Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beads and Me..

I really like beading...  My passion towards beading will never stop. Even though my handwork are not like beader yg terer2, tp saya tetap suka meng"bead"ing... Here are some of my handwork for you guys to have a look. 
Shimmering Flora 

Shimmering Flora di hujung tangan

Sulam sisik ikan di hujung tangan

Sulam sisik ikan di leher baju

Manik Jelujur + Patching di tangan baju 

Free style design di tangan baju

Feel free to leave your comment. Manelah tau, nak kongsi idea ke, nak betulkan yg xbetul ke, nak kutuk ke, nak puji pun boleh jugak..huhuhu

Lots of Love,
Aneez's Online Store

AOS's new project!!

Salam, Kepada Semua Pembaca,

Setelah agak lama Aneez's Online Store menyepikan diri, kini tibalah masanyer untuk AOS kembali beroperasi. Terdapat beberapa projek baru yg telah dirancang dan disusun untuk AOS. Untuk pengetahuan, Project MONAVIE AOS sudah lama tamat disebabkan oleh kekangan masa dan keadaan. Diharap semua kawan2, sedara-mara & semua pembaca dapat memberikan sokongan di atas kewujudan Aneez's Online Store... 

Salam hormat dari AOS..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Introducing of Aneez's Online Business


Actually there is nothing yg best sangat pun pasal my online business ni.. I just wanna share the online market jer.. For those who really know me, they will know that i love beading and handcraft... But they also know that i'm a full time worker. I'm working with a manufacturer who produced Disposable Medical Devices in Malaysia. I'm doing Customer Service, Sales & Marketing. I'm holding quite a big responsibility there. My task require me to do a lot of traveling within Malaysia. Twice a month is my standard outstation rate.

So, just imagine, I've very limited time with my family and even sometimes i don't have time for myself.. I've been signed up with Fitness First for 1 month plus, but unfortunately i just got a chance to go there twice only but i'm paying for the full amount u know....what a waste kan!!! So, in the other hands definitely i don't have time for beading & handcraft la kan!!!

Tapi bile dipikir-pikirkan balik, rugi pulak kalau di biarkan skill tu lapuk jer macam tu... Bila tengok kat blog beaders-beaders yang lain, most of them pun still working but yet they can do the 'grand2' punye design...Siap boleh ambik tempahan 2-3helai baju sebulan... I just wonder, how they can manage that... Really admire them la!!!

So, because of that, because of my passion, i decided to start something la... At least for the beginning of 2011, I've something for myself... kire macam azam tahun baru la....

Beside beading, i'm also doing some other business. For my beloved family & friends, just wait for the birth of 'Aneez's Online Business' ye...  Really needs your support all the time....

Thank you so much!!! Love ya!!